for spring cleaning your crafting supplies. 

Spring is on its way, at least the calendar says so.

So I thought I would share some tips and ideas for organizing your craft supplies.

I have an update on my Distress Ink/Foam Blending Pad Storage. I took the laminated sheet out of the plastic envelope and punched 3 holes along one edge. I now store it in a small 3-ring binder.

The benefit of this change is the top of my hand doesn’t get covered in ink when removing a foam pad. I also have a sheet for Archival Ink foam pads.

I have also created boxes for my Distress Ink pads using photo boxes.

I loved how well they worked so I made them for all my rectangular ink pads.

My collection of Copic markers has been growing and I needed more storage space. I created this storage box after several found on Pinterest.

It is an Iris brand card storage box with the dividers removed. I cut a piece of ceiling light tile to fit inside it. It can hold 180 markers. 

Here is what I am currently using. 

I used an Art Bin Super Satchel Double Deep with the dividers. For 7 of the sections, I created an insert from mat board to divide it in half. This made spaces for each color group and 1 larger section. In the large section is an acrylic block and stamps perfect for coloring. One section also has stamp pads and color swatches. I like that it makes it convenient to take to crops or when traveling, just add paper. The lid does remove if needed when working in a small space.

Thanks to Pinterest and a recent trip to Ikea, I was able to organize many of my paper punches. 

I used the Bygel bars attached to a piece of plywood hung on the wall. For the larger punches, I had to add a plywood block under the bracket (as you can see I still need to paint them). Now I can find them easier. I still have punches in wire baskets.


These are the paper sorters at Cafe Crop.

My favorite way to store my paper is in paper storage containers. I have plain cardstock sorted by color families. Patterned paper I sort by theme (holidays, sports, baby, wedding…).