In case you couldn’t tell, we are very excited about our new 2.0 location! Over time we’ve come up with a list of things that we love about our new space, and what better way to remember that list, than to practice what we want you to do! We took pictures, and we’re telling our story. So here’s the list in no particular order!

Make-N-Take Counter

Cafe Crop’s Make-N-Take Counter also does duty as a demo area, small class area, and our buffet counter during crops and other events.

  • Not only do we have a Make-N-Take Counter, that doubles as our buffet counter, and a place to do demos and hold classes, but our creative area that was behind a wall in Cafe Crop 1.0, and nonexistent at Cafe Crop 1.25, now is open and right at the end of our Make-N-Take counter. Tina’s short, so she may still be able to hide behind the counter, but at least now all she has to do is stand up!
  • It seems that everyone likes to congregate in the kitchen, so we’ve moved the kitchen out into the main area, and replaced the “business” part of the kitchen with a galley.
  • One of the reasons everyone congregates in the kitchen is that’s were the food is, so we’ve increased the number of places where there’s food! We now have a Snack Bar that includes: A Keurig coffee, tea, and hot chocolate maker. A microwave, tea kettle, refrigerator, Coca-Cola cooler, toaster, and who knows what else!!?
Cafe Crop Storefront

Cafe Crop Storefront. Cafe Crop now has parking with no time limit!

  • Cafe Crop has a sign, even if it is temporary. Who wants to work outside on a sign in this weather?!! We wouldn’t, so we aren’t going to make somebody else!
  • We have plenty of parking without a time limit!! Stop in for a few minutes to get what you need, or stop in for a few hours to get that project done.
  • The cones are there to attempt to train the members of Universal Fitness to park further down so you have room to park closer. If the spots are full, then you get one of the benefits of gym membership that ironically, they aren’t getting–exercise on your way into the store! Seriously, though, you really won’t have far to walk either way, the parking lot is big enough, but it isn’t the size of Southlake Mall’s parking lot!


Cafe Crop

Cafe Crop’s Main Areas – Our Crop, Retail, Creative, and Checkout Areas.

  • Cafe Crop 1.0 had 9 tables. Cafe Crop 1.25 had 4 tables, and Cafe Crop 2.0 has 8 tables, with the 9th one coming soon once the spare room is ready for guests!
  • Each of the 8 tables has power that pulls down from the ceiling.
  • Our WiFi is faster than it has ever been!
  • Because we’ve learned from Cafe Crop 1.0 and 1.25, Cafe Crop 2.0 makes better use of space than 1.0 did. As a result we have just over 400 square feet more usable space.
  • As we think of more things, we may update this post! But for now, the only thing missing is you! We love visitors, and we’d love it if you would come and shop, take classes, and crop. And we’d love it if you shared our information with your friends, and showed up with them for our events.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!